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Find Talent Quickly and Easily. 

Bringing you the best fit for your critical projects.

Since its establishment in 2017, Sparagus, initially celebrated for its comprehensive mastery in technology, has now remarkably expanded its influence into sectors like banking, insurance, engineering, and business operations.
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Our Services



Sparagus Academy offers unparalleled solutions, featuring elite talent freshly graduated from Europe's premier universities. We ensure a steady stream of exceptional, risk-free  professionals all trained in house to the highest industry standards.


Sparagus Fixed

Sparagus fixed-price ensures projects are expertly managed from inception to completion by our in-house specialists. Our team consistently delivers with competitive rates, the Sparagus seal of quality, and timely project completion.


Sparagus Search & Selection

Sparagus Search and Selection - Discovering exceptional talent tailored to your unique requirements, encompassing both freelance and permanent positions. Rigorously vetted and meticulously evaluated by our team to guarantee only the highest-quality candidates.

I.T &

Group of Engineers

Design, development, management, analysis, security, infrastructure, data, support, innovation, integration, coordination, planning, execution, analysis, communication, improvement, compliance, oversight.

Brussels Jubilee Park

Finance, lending, investment, risk, transactions, advisory, compliance, technology, service. Risk assessment, underwriting, claims, policy, sales, actuarial, customer service, regulation.

Finance & Insurance

Government & Defense


Design, development, testing, maintenance, research, innovation, safety, systems integration, project management, procurement, analysis, strategy, leadership, coordination, planning.

Oil derrick

Design, innovation, construction, analysis, systems, project management, technology, research, safety, sustainability, drilling, extraction, refining, distribution,  environmental management, safety, engineering, project management, energy economics.

Energy & Engineering

Why Work With Us?

With critical projects on the line, delays in finding the right person for the job costs time and money. 


Skilled candidates are always in demand, we use our extensive network and AI technology to find candidates who aren’t active on job sites. We conduct thorough screening, passing on only the very best candidates to you.

When working with Sparagus, you can expect professionalism, direction, quality and a fast service. And that's why we are chosen by some of Belgium's top customers.



Regus Stephanie Square

Av Louise 65 Box 11

1050 Bruxelles

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