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We Are Sparagus.

Expert Consulting In IT, Insurance, Finance and Engineering.

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At The Forefront Of Technology

Sparagus stands at the forefront of IT and Engineering recruitment and consulting services within Belgium. Established in 2017, our firm has consistently demonstrated growth and expertise in our sector, earning the trust of some of Europe's most distinguished clients.

Our team, comprised of seasoned recruitment professionals, is dedicated to partnering with you to fulfill your specific job or project requirements requirements. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure you have access to the top talent in the industry.

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Business Team

Our offerings include comprehensive candidate search & selection, Sparagus Academy - graduated from Europe's top universities and full-service fixed-price projects. We take pride in providing competitive pricing and prompt service delivery, guaranteeing that our clients receive unparalleled value and efficiency in every engagement.

Our Network

With years of experience in the Belgian & European markets, we know everyone there is to know. We’ve invested in AI technology to find talent others can’t.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in technology, supplying the talent to keep projects moving.

Our Approach

We partner with you from beginning to end, focusing on quality, not quantity, for the best match every time.



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Our clients rely on us for their essential projects due to our comprehensive knowledge of their industries. Our team is not just familiar with, but deeply immersed in, the technologies we guide our customers in using. This thorough engagement and data driven insights ensures we're always the most qualified to provide advice on significant trends and market shifts. Being at the forefront of AI adoption, we offer insights based on real-time data, enabling swift and accurate decision-making when it's crucial.

Entrusted By Europe's Elite.

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Looking for competitive rates for fixed price projects?

Navigating the intricate landscape of fixed-price projects can be akin to solving a sophisticated puzzle, particularly when striving for the ideal equilibrium between cost efficiency and uncompromising quality. At Sparagus, we grasp the critical nature of this balance for your enterprise's triumph. Our commitment is to furnish you with competitive pricing for fixed-price endeavors, guaranteeing optimal value without sacrificing excellence.


Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top-tier consultants from all over Europe, ensuring that your project benefits from a diverse range of expertise and perspectives.

Unlock Europe's Finest: Using The Sparagus Experts Network

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Sparagus and myself helped and still are helping us to rescope and extend Business Intelligence to reach Data Intelligence including Business Analytics, and build a Data Intelligence Platform.


As enterprise data architect, I recommend Sparagus as a trusted partner helping in organizing the data community and developing a strategic Data Platform.”

Jean Burnay, Senior Data Architect.



Regus Stephanie Square

Av Louise 65 Box 11

1050 Bruxelles

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