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Managed Service

Supplier Management, Free Your Procurement

Faster fill times with only a single point of contact

Facilitates better engagement with your suppliers 

Free's up procurement/managers to do what they do best

Centralized Supplier Engagement - Improve Efficiency & Reduce Costs

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Why Sparagus MSP?

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Supplier Management

CV Selection & Presentation

Centralized Invoicing

Adhere to Processes & Regulations

Reduce Cold Calls

Rate Benchmarking & Alignment

Our MSP service streamlines supplier management, taking on the responsibility of coordinating all supplier interactions. This saves our clients time and resources, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency in procurement and recruitment.

Our MSP service streamlines CV selection and presentation, saving clients from the time-consuming task of filtering through ill-fitting candidates. We manage the entire onboarding process, handling all time-intensive tasks to ensure a seamless and efficient hiring experience.

Our MSP service offers rate benchmarking and alignment, ensuring clients receive the best value by comparing industry standards and adjusting rates accordingly. By leveraging our expertise, clients can optimize their budgets and secure top talent without overspending, making Sparagus the smart choice for efficient and cost-effective recruitment.

Our MSP service reduces cold calls to your managers by allowing them to direct all recruitment inquiries to us. This frees up your key personnel to focus on their core responsibilities while we handle the search for top talent, improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Centralized Invoicing: Fewer suppliers mean fewer payments, less tracking, and reduced workload, streamlining your financial operations and increasing efficiency.

Ensure all business stakeholders follow standardized processes and guarantee that every new hire is vetted and compliant with local laws.

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